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Andalusia Huelva Bollullos Par del Condado County of Huelva DO

Bollullos Par del Condado

This town is located in the County of Huelva in the southeast of the province. Strategically placed half way between Huelva and Seville and between the north of Huelva and the coast, it is considered the entrance to Doñana Park.

It is believed that its original name was Bubulca like the name of a Roman village situated in that area although some vestiges from the Stone and Bronze Age have been found in the village and even from the Arab domination.

Historically, Bollullos was the property of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia and it is called today Par del Condado because of its nearness to the County of Niebla.

In the 16th century, Bollullos Par del Condado starts to grow gradually mostly due to the development of the wine sector. But it is not until the end of the 18th century, when it began an outstanding stage of prosperity thanks to wine trading, especially those sent to the New World on the one hand, and to the arrival of families from other places and from abroad, on the other. Wine merchants with surnames of French origin started their wineries supplied by their own plantations of vineyards and those of the villagers. Since then, wine would be the major economic promoter of Bollullos Par del Condado.

Nevertheless, during the 20s of last century the effort of D. Francisco Perez Vacas – President the newly created Catholic Agrarian Union of Bollullos del Condado – is to be mentioned. He bought two big pastures – Remuñana and Montañina – in order to resolve the economic and social problems in Bollullos aroused after the grape phylloxera. The General Directorate of Social Agrarian Action contributed 80 % of the cost and the rest was borrowed by Banco Popular León XIII bank with an estate mortgage. They were split up into plots and draw lots for insolvent workers so they could become owners. The agrarian reform of Christian sign carried out by the strong will and the great heart of this man is the base and foundation of the great current Bollullos.

Nowadays, by gathering the legacy of those years of prosperity when this municipality started developing, Bollullos becomes the functional centre of the province centralizing the majority of relations in the County. In addition, the seat of the Control Board of the County of Huelva is located in Bollullos because of the great number of wineries located in this town.


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