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The Future

Since 2003 the company has been run by the third generation. Montserrat and Begoña Sauci are the future of the company, thus making Bodegas Sauci one of the few Andalusian wineries run by women. Raised in the exquisite care and love for wine, these are two women who work to preserve and to enlarge their legacy without forgetting to be loyal to their history.

This new generation in Bodegas Sauci can bring together the best of its tradition with the most advanced business and wine trends. Both women have embarked on a promising project working towards quality, modernization and innovation when taking extreme care of the image of their wines. Their mission is to maintain the tradition of being a family-centered company increasingly focusing on the market. Also, the want to preserve the quality achieved by their father and to promote the design and spreading of the wine culture – a project in which they have devoted all their work, efforts and hopes which is gradually becoming a reality. Therefore, they are expanding and marketing their products positioning them both in the national and international market.

The careful aging as well as the exquisite and risky bet on its new image cause wines of Bodegas Sauci to have the elegance, originality and character of great wines – something that is only possible when grape varieties, vine-growing methods and winemaking procedures have been honed over time.

Montserrat Sauci
Chief Executive

Graduated in Law, she specialized in Private Law at the University of Seville. Lately, she specialized in Banking Products.

Her inherited passion for wines caused her to leave Law and to join actively the company in 2003. Not only does she run administration and management of the company but also she participates directly and personally in the whole process from must selection and wine aging to bottling and output.

She is also responsible for the redesigning of the company and its facilities as well as the organization of guided tours.

She has been Managing Director of the Company since it was set up.

Begoña Sauci
Business and Marketing Director

Graduated in Law at the University of Seville, she is a practising lawyer and a member of the Huelva Association of Lawyers and a member of the Spanish Health Law Association. She has a master’s degree in Health Management Direction and masters in Marketing and Business Direction. She has a diploma in Financial Accounting and Analytical Balances and also in Tax Techniques and International Tax Consulting.

Until 2005 she worked in health and law-related companies where she was the Law Department Director. She has given many courses on Medical Practices in several hospitals in Andalusia and she has coordinated the legal technical team of the Health Law Code published by Fundación AstraZeneca.

That same year she decided to get personally involved in the family company. Since then, she has balanced her work as a practising lawyer with the business activity.

She is responsible for the development of the winery’s business network both at a national and international level, attendance at fair trades, launches and events as well as responsible for the direct contact with clients and mass media.

She has been Managing Director since 2006.


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