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The History

Bodegas Sauci is one of the oldest wineries in the County of Huelva. The origin of our family’s wine-making vocation comes from France. It is said that some Frenchmen named Saussi settled down in this region devoting themselves to the care of vineyards and wine manufacturing. Since then, it has been passed on from generation to generation until 1925 when Fernando Sauci started our commercial business by creating Bodegas Sauci, where the grapes were handpicked and then later the must was sold in bulk in barrels and demijohns.

Years later, Fernando’s son Manuel Sauci continued with the task but he had such a passion for wine that he refused to simply be a manufacturer. He studied oenology and vine-growing and decided to move to a bigger facility to improve his winery. He bought American oak wineskins and started to make Generoso Wines (a type of fortified wine) which were soon known by their quality. He continued selling wine in tanks and demijohns in bulk mostly to important wineries from other regions that bottled it later.

He was one of the pioneers in wine bottling in the County of Huelva. Thus in 1965, he managed to market his first bottled wine – the Fino Espinapura (fine wine) – which has been awarded and acclaimed everywhere it has been. Deeply in love with wine aging, he was able to pass this love on to his daughters as well as the careful and elegant art of aging these high-quality wines demand.
Manuel Sauci has not only been the key to preserving the family traditions but also the creator of our high quality brands of wines and brands. This is what encourages his daughters to continue with their father’s task. Manuel Sauci is still fully involved with the winery and he advises his daughter's on their projects.

He has been the President since Bodegas Sauci, S.L. was set up.

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